Studio 515 | 3-D Printed Shoes (Wedges) with I-Phone holster
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3-D Printed Shoes (Wedges) with I-Phone holster

20 Nov 3-D Printed Shoes (Wedges) with I-Phone holster

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Our Prayers Have Been Answered: 3-D Printed Lady Shoes With Attached iPhone Holster (insert sarcasm). Looks like some folks are really starting to think out of the box on what a 3-D Printer can do. Let’s just hope that they don’t blow the family farm on funding this idea. What consumer wouldn’t want a phone that is covered in dirt every time that they put it to their ear? Not to mention water damage, cracked screens, and pesky case colors to match your colorful ensemble. People answer the phone when it is in their pocket, so what makes you think that you’d answer when you have to pluck it from your foot? Anyway, very creative idea, but I don’t think we are looking at a mass market for these little gems.

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