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Studio 515


26 Oct No Shave Novembeard is here!

Alright Guys, put down the razors and beard trimming tools.  Your days of Manscaping are over.  Join Studio 515 in the month of November by saluting your manhood and growing out a glorious beard.  At the end of the month we will give away one...

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18 Oct 20+ Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

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30 Aug Old Spice goes interactive

Old spice has a wacky brand of commercials, but now they have really gone and done it.  The company is famously known for their deodorant and fragrance, has built an online music machine based off of the muscle flexing moves of actor Terry Crews.  Check out...

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11 Jul Site of the Week

Hey Folks, it's been awhile but here is another site of the week.  Coming to you from Intel.  This website is a cool interactive archive of your online social profile.  The site takes awhile to gather your data, but after that you will be impressed!...

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