Studio 515 | Designer uses nose when arms fail her
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Designer uses nose when arms fail her

07 Jan Designer uses nose when arms fail her

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Michelle Vandy is a designer who started to develop pain in her arms and hands due to repetitive stress.  She started to fiddle with new ideas on how to get around this issue, and her end result is remarkable.   In a profile by Core77, Vandy describes how she learned to design using her nose and her Apple trackpad.

I was sitting in my room late one evening fiddling around with this external touchpad I had lying on my desk and without thinking, lifted it up to eye level and touched it with my nose. “Click”. I tried swiping too – it worked! I opened up photoshop with shaking fingers, hadn’t opened it in months! I had a few more goes holding the trackpad to my nose and swiping left and right, up and down and the movements felt strangely natural to me.

She explained the the touch of her nose to the trackpad seemed very natural to her, and didn’t take her long to adopt the new way of working.


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