Studio 515 | ‘Disabled’ Mannequins Show Us That Beautiful Isn’t Perfect
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‘Disabled’ Mannequins Show Us That Beautiful Isn’t Perfect

06 Dec ‘Disabled’ Mannequins Show Us That Beautiful Isn’t Perfect

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When approaching a nearby shopping district, you might find yourself looking into a store window at a mannequin. Many times they are the epidemy of what today’s society views as perfect. The tall stature, long legs, great build, fluid body lines all add up to “The Human Form”, right? Well, an organization called Pro Infirmis decided to create a series of mannequins based on persons with real disabilities and body deformities. The project’s title? “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer.”

The process was documented and shows how much joy was brought to the model’s face when their unique features were put on display for all to see. All of the mannequins were then placed in store windows and received varied reactions. Take a look at this cool story.

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